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st tropez july 23RD, 2022
evening of discovery
Exclusively for our guests,
the event will bring together thought-leaders and pioneers from business, art, science and tech to explore new frontiers in mental health.

Saturday, July 23rd, 2022
Le Beauvallon

7:00 PM Until Late
Kaleidoscopic Cocktail
With very special performances

By invitation only.
For inquiries, please contact events@aurora.institute.
Frequently Asked Questions
Dress Code: Kaleidoscopic Cocktail
The event is not black tie. Wear what you feel comfortable in - but be glamorous! We encourage elegant, colourful and fun outfits! Parts of the event will be on the grass. We recommend wearing shoes that you can dance in comfortably. Wardrobe inspiration can be found HERE.

Evening Schedule
Our event will start with a cocktail reception at 7pm, followed by a seated dinner and an on-location after party with renowned DJs and special performances. We recommend arriving on time, as we have many surprises prepared for you from beginning to end. We expect the after party to go until 4am. We kindly ask that you refrain from organizing any side after parties that night.

The event will be held at Le Beauvallon, Bd des Collines, 83310 Grimaud, just opposite Saint Tropez.

You can either arrive by boat, private tender or car.
PRIVATE CAR: Can take over 60 minutes from St. Tropez with high season traffic.
Please take care of your post party transport; we recommend booking a driver.

The Evening of Discovery is a fundraising event for mental health. We will be giving multiple Aurora Institute Prizes each year, honoring recipients for their significant contributions to the fight for global mental health. Each prize-winner will be honored at this event and will receive a grant and strategic consulting services for the mental health focused charitable organization that they represent or choose.
100% of your charitable contributions will go directly towards the work our award winners are doing. Accordingly, we ask that you consider giving freely and generously to our cause! More information on how to donate and get involved will be shared next week!

Check-In Requirements
Please note that both you and your guest must be on the guest list. Please have your passport, photo ID or a digital copy of it with you. Due to the security requirements of some of our guests, we cannot grant access to the event without identification, and cannot make any exceptions.

If you require a room or wish to stay at the event venue on the night of the event please e-mail: nathan@aurora.institute or lucy@introsight.com

Pre-Event Details
Thursday, July 21st, at 6pm
You are cordially invited to a cocktail reception hosted by atai Life Sciences. You will receive a separate invitation with more details this week.

Friday, July 22nd at 3pm-7pm
Please join us for a small conference and mental health workshop from 3pm to 7pm at the Golf Club Saint Tropez. You will receive an invitation with more details next week.

Any other questions?
Nate or Lucy can help! nathan@aurora.institute or lucy@introsight.com
the aurora prize
The Aurora Institute Prize
for Mental Health
We will be giving the Aurora Institute Prize each year, honoring recipients for their significant contributions in the fight for global mental health. This year, each prize winner will be honored at our inaugural Evening of Discovery taking place on July 23 in St Tropez. Each prize winner will receive a grant and strategic consulting services for the mental health charitable organization that they represent.
speaker background
Dr Adam Gazzaley, M.D., PhD
Dr. Adam Gazzaley is a leading global neuroscientist. He founded the Neuroscape Lab at UC San Francisco, bridging technology and neuroscience to create real-world solutions to enhance brain function. Neuroscape continues to push into new frontiers, now advancing real-time state recording via multimodal biosensing, non-invasive brain stimulation during closed-loop video game play, multi-sensory virtual reality, and most recently psychedelic research.
Featured Artists
Refik Anadol
Refik Anadol reveals an exclusive 10 meter by 10 meter artwork, specially commissioned for Aurora’s Evening of Discovery. The data sculpture visualises the transition from negative mental states to healing in patients undergoing medical health therapies. The work was produced using a compilation of bio and neuro-signal data collected from a network of healthcare centres using MindMaze’s digital therapeutics for neurorehabilitation, and will be presented in partnership with founding partner of Aurora, Impact One. Developed as part of Impact One’s mental health initiative MYND, the artwork means to place an emphasis on the importance of attending our mental health and physical wellbeing.
Mouna Rebeiz
Mouna Rebeiz is a Lebanese-Canadian painter based in London. She grew up surrounded by musicians, painters and poets, who influenced her painting. Fascinated by the multiple facets of the human being and the human psyche, she studied psychology at the Sorbonne and at Saint Joseph University in Beirut. In her works, both figurative and abstract, Mouna Rebeiz captures the energy of life itself, and the life of women, expressed at its simplest, as a universal crucible of emotions. Her sculptures, like revisited totems, are set to the rhythms of present time in the playfulness of space. Rebeiz works currently form part of the 2022 Venice Biennale.
Nathan Copeland
Nathan Copeland is a 35-year-old neurotechnology consultant, speaker, and artist who, in 2004, was left paralyzed from the chest down after a car accident. For the last seven years, Nathan has been a pioneering participant in a brain computer interface study that has enabled him to operate robotic arms, regain the sense of touch, play video games, and even make art -- with just his mind. A self-professed “cyborg,” he has been featured in numerous publications including Wired, MIT Tech Review, NPR, Fortune, and the Atlantic. Nathan loves Japanese pop culture, created the very first BCI NFT, and will soon hold the world record for longest chronic BCI implant (August of 2022).
our founders
Christian Angermayer
Christian is the founder of Apeiron Investment Group, his family office and private investment firm. Apeiron focuses on sectors and themes that are shaping the Next Human Agenda, including Biotech, Fintech & Crypto, Future Tech and Entertainment. Driven by a mission to enable people to live longer, happier and healthier lives, Christian is extremely passionate about mental health. Among his numerous achievements in the field, he founded atai Life Sciences, the pioneering biotech company leading the renaissance of psychedelics as a solution for the mental health crisis. He is also the founder of Cambrian Biopharma and Rejuveron Life Sciences, the two leading global companies focused on. Apeiron’s re.Mind Capital is the world’s largest venture fund dedicated to the mind and startups in the mental health space.
henry chalhoub
Henry is an entrepreneur and founder of Risk, a diversified holding company specializing in insurance and technology. Henry has spent his career building innovative and impactful businesses with an emphasis on disrupting the insurance sector by rendering products more accessible through technology. While Henry’s contributions toward democratizing the life and health verticals have been impactful, he recognizes that mental health claims remain an excluded category of reimbursement for many. Henry’s purpose in co-founding Aurora is to raise awareness around this exclusion and to work toward solving the complex issues that render it difficult for those who suffer from mental health issues to access insurance funding.
Louise Tabbiner
Louise is the founder of Introsight Advisors, a global strategic marketing and investor relations consulting firm. She is a senior advisor at the Milken Institute and advisor to the Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia (MISA). Louise also focuses her time on the blockchain technology sector as a Partner at Liberty City Ventures, a blockchain focused venture capital fund and Board Member of Hyperspace, the largest metaverse theme park in the world. Managing her own mental health journey has given her first- hand experience with well-designed treatments and interventions that have greatly improved her quality of life. Louise’s ambition for Aurora is to destigmatize mental health by promoting tools that unlock emotional potential, enabling people to better support themselves and those around them.
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st tropez july 23RD, 2022
evening of discovery
On July 23rd, 2022,
Aurora Institute will host an Evening of Discovery,
its landmark launch event in St. Tropez, France.

Exclusively for our guests, the event will bring together thought-leaders
and pioneers from business, art, science and tech
to explore new frontiers in mental health.
“ From one-of-a-kind art performances to expert talks,
the Evening of Discovery promises to be a spectacle unlike any other. ”
Saturday, July 23rd, 2022