St Tropez 2023

The Programme

Join us over the 2-day program with interactive sessions and an evening filled with inspiration, creativity and celebration.

Philanthropist package

Evening of Discovery
$ 110,000
  • Prime position table of 12 at the Evening of Discovery and places at the Conference

Benefactor package

Evening of Discovery
$ 82,500
  • Table of 10 at the Evening of Discovery and places at the Conference

Individual Benefactor

Evening of Discovery
$ 11,000
  • 1 unselected seat at the Evening of Discovery and 1 place at the Conference
Friday 21st July

The Conference

from some of the greatest minds sharing ideas to address the mental health crisis.
by the outstanding work supporting the cause to improve mental health globally.
make a meaningful contribution to global mental health awareness through participation.
with 200 people dedicated to the future of mental health.
Saturday 22nd July

An Evening of Discovery

having a good time is great for your wellbeing, enjoy the music, art, entertainment, stories, fashion, and hospitality.
with 500 likeminded people: entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, musicians, designers, athletes, scientists, investors and more.
with the 2023 winners.
there are many ways to contribute to this great cause.