The Aurora Prize

The Aurora Prize

How it works:

Aurora has committed to raise $50 million USD over the next five years. The funds raised allow Aurora to award both in-kind support and financial contributions through various prizes.

The goal of the Aurora Prize is to incentivise new thinking and reward the best solutions, wherever they come from or how they work. Prizes can bring together innovators and help them thrive by raising their profiles, bringing them into contact with expertise and investment. Prize winners work with Aurora over a 12-month period and will have their projects widely publicised.


Criteria for entry:

The Aurora Prize will be given to the five most impactful solutions in mental health developed by non-for-profit organisations, scientific researchers, cultural leaders and entrepreneurs.

We are focusing our efforts on workplace mental health, funding of breakthrough scientific research, mental health education in schools, and prevention of youth depression and suicide. The selection of the five awardees will be led by our Advisory Board.

Application Requirements:

  • Select a category title
  • Submit a proposal of the project that will be undertaken
  • Details of the expected benefits and impact of the work
  • A detailed budget of how the prize money will be spent
  • Details of non-monetary support needed for the project
  • Provide details of the organisation’s financials, structure and people and any other significant information.
  • Declaration of independence from any sponsor organisation or the Advisory Board