AURORA is the first and only non-profit incubator dedicated to funding and convening the world's leading individuals, NGOs, and companies that are solving the global mental health crisis.

We see the gap between the need for action in fighting the mental health crisis and the woeful lack of philanthropy. We are bridging that gap by empowering those doing the most impactful mental health work with the collaboration of the most influential people on the planet.

About Aurora

$50 million

Aurora has committed to raise $50 million USD over the next five years.

The funds raised allow Aurora to award both in-kind support and financial contributions through various prizes.


Our mission is to unify and strengthen the current cultural push for mental health.

The Aurora Prize will be given to the five most impactful solutions in mental health developed by non-for-profit organisations, scientific researchers, cultural leaders and entrepreneurs. We are focusing our efforts on workplace mental health, funding of breakthrough scientific research, mental health education in schools, and prevention of youth depression and suicide.